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London, Tuesday, June 6, 1944: Under command of General Eisenhower,...

London, Tuesday, June 6, 1944: Under command of General Eisenhower, Allied naval forces, supported by strong air forces, began landing Allied armies this morning on the northern coast of France.

D-DAY drops players into the role of World War II Allied forces in the final drive to liberate Europe. Throughout three campaigns and 12 missions in single player mode, D-Day challenge players to prepare troops for battle, create combat strategies, and execute one of the largest military invasions in wartime history.

Players must successfully plan and execute the turning points in the liberation of Europe: the first hours of the beach landing at Omaha Beach, the paratrooper attack on Sainte MĬre Eglise, the taking of the Cherbourg harbor, operation Cobra, the battle of the Falaise pocket, and the liberation of Normandy in August 1944.

During the campaigns, players can call in the help of resistant forces to recon the landing areas, take advantage of the Allies' air power (bomber, glider, paratroopers), and stop the German forces' counter attacks.

D-DAY features over 60 historically accurate units, including rifleman, paratroopers, artillery, tanks, transports, and air support. Features.

Battle through 12 Compelling missions. Experience realistic combat. Command over 60 different units. Plan your next move. Advanced 3D Technology.

Deep multiplayer gaming experience. Historical archive. Intuitive map editor. System Requirements. Windows 98/2000/Me/XP. Pentium 1. 0GHz. 512 MB RAM.

1GB free space.

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